Sixth Day of Advent: Fun Voucher Book

Sixth Day of Advent: Fun Voucher Book

A fantastic fun gift for any couple in your life, including your own. If your partner has done something good, they get a voucher to redeem. If they have done something bad you get a voucher to redeem! All wonderfully and playfully illustrated by Sandra.

Voucher Book for Women

Every romantic relationship is like a mini-economy, albeit a rather complicated one... Like a banana republic without a currency. And although no money changes hands, it is difficult to leave a debt unpaid in a relationship. Rewards and penance can’t be left outstanding for long. And who knows exactly how to compare the values of "cooking a nice meal", "cleaning the loo" and "sex" anyway? That’s why we have created this book of vouchers, its a wonderful way to simplify the gift economy of love, while adding a bit of fun too. Published by Snor Publishing. Illustrations by Sandra Isaksson.

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