On the Tenth Day of Christmas

‘War games’

Footballs, basketballs, volley balls, crayons, paints and paper... are these vital aid items? This was a big part of the resources sent through by Children on the Edge to Kachin State at the height of the conflict last year. From one perspective these things aren’t vital, but although play equipment may seem like a luxury in these circumstances, it is essential for the emotional wellbeing of children who have been forced from their homes and witnessed conflict first hand.

Children in Kachin State have their identity entwined very closely with the war around them. They are constantly playing guns and bombs, not because of the influence of a television set, but from what they are actually seeing around them on a daily basis. Simple play equipment is essential for creating childhood games and imaginary realities that promote a healthy psychological wellbeing for a child living through war.

It is in the most remote internally displaced people’s camps, that Children on the Edge are partnering with local organisations to develop a three year programme supporting the physical and pyscho-social needs of 1,440 children aged 3 to 6.

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Sandra and Nick