On the Sixteenth Day of Christmas

16th December: ‘Grow your own’

As the brewery in Soweto slum pumps acrid smoke into the air and creates a stream of toxic sludge running between the huts where children play, a mother working here holds back her toddler from the edge of the slurry pit.

Soweto’s dependence on alcohol brewing not only results in children being exposed to toxins, neglect due to intoxication of parents, and the dangers of predatory inebriated men, but it is a primary cause of malnutrion. Children are fed the dregs of the brewery, and all the while the community invests in alcohol, they are not growing the food they desperately need.

The project here, supported by Children on the Edge, has created durable alternative to this in the form of agricultural training and inputs. The community now has a burgeoning farm area where local people are gaining skills, and growing food for the Centre and to take home for their families.

Thank you! The Week 2 of Advent Isak Charity Auction raised £120 for Children on the Edge. A happy highest bidder will receive a package containing at least £200 worth of Isak products and Children on the Edge will automatically receive all £120 directly.

The Week 3 of Advent Isak Charity Auction is no live with £300 worth of Isak goodies. Please visit the auction link and help us support this wonderful charity. The auction will be live until Sunday evening 22nd Dec.

Many Thanks
Sandra & Nick