On the Seventeenth Day of Christmas

17th December: Football camp!

This two day football camp in Thailand aimed to provide refugee and migrant children, without parental care, to have a memorable experience during their holidays.

“We usually play on a dirt field with many cows around,” remarked Than Lyun age 16. “We have never been able to play on a real field, with real shoes, and be trained by a professional … it’s been great.”  As about a third of the participating children owned only sandals, Children on the Edge was able to provide a pair of athletic shoes for many of the kids. 

As the camp came to a close, the focus was already being turned to the next time. Yiyi Win (Children’s Crisis Centre Manger) said “This event has definitely been the highlight of their break. They already want to know when we can do it again. These kids are crazy about football!”

Thank you! The Week 2 of Advent Isak Charity Auction raised £120 for Children on the Edge. A happy highest bidder will receive a package containing at least £200 worth of Isak products and Children on the Edge will automatically receive all £120 directly.

The Week 3 of Advent Isak Charity Auction is no live with £300 worth of Isak goodies. Please visit the auction link and help us support this wonderful charity. The auction will be live until Sunday evening 22nd Dec.

Many Thanks
Sandra & Nick