On the Fourteenth Day of Christmas

Education is priceless

During initial research done by Children on the Edge for their project with the Rohingya refugee community on the border of Bangladesh and Burma, the people in the camps described how above anything else they wanted education for their children.

Since its inception the programme has grown and expanded, effectively preventing an entrire generation of Rohingya children from growing up completely unable to read and write. This is an investment into their future, but the charity has also found it’s influencing the present.

-       Children are healthier
This is not only because they are coming to school instead of playing in the open sewers running through the camp, but because they can now read about health clinic times and places and makes sure their whole family can access healthcare.

-       Literacy is also broadening their horizons.
Children describe how they are starting to read the scraps of newspaper that market food is wrapped in and learning about what is going on outside what is effectively a prison camp.

Just £10 can buy a blackboard for a class in Bangladesh

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Sandra and Nick