Red hot Valentine's Love

We, Blossom and Bill are passionate about our relationship between chocolate and luurve so- to celebrate Valentine’s Day- loyal fans of the range are being urged to treat themselves and their lover to a pair of new mugs and to try Blossom and Bill’s latest recipe 'Chilli Hot Chocolate for Red Hot Lovers'.

Blossom’s Chilli Hot Chocolate for Red Hot Lovers

Soak some red hot chillies with a pint of lukewarm milk (not too many! A couple is good). Melt a four ounce bar of the best dark luxurious chocolate you can find and whisk out with the same quantity of cream in a pan. Top up with the chilli infused milk, whisking all the time. Pour into your two favourite mugs (Blossom & Bill ones of course!) Stir with a Madagascan vanilla stick. With a dollop of whipped cream and shavings of chocolate – this is the best hot chocolate recipe ever. If you think you can come up with a better one let us know about it. If we agree, the contributor wins a luxury box of Blossom and Bill cups and a delicious hamper of Montezuma chocolate.

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