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Please work with us to help ALL our children

At Isak we make beautiful happy things for the home because we adore thinking that - in a small way - we are creating a wonderful world for our families to live in. A world where our children can feel safe, loved and cared for. That is why we were so moved to be introduced to the work of Children on the Edge (COTE) and why we are so excited about telling you about our new friendship. 

Children on the Edge is a lean, grassroots, local charity with a global reach which exists to help the most marginalised and vulnerable children in the world - particularly children without parental support. Children who are on the edge.

Of course when we care for our own children we are preoccupied with whether they are warm enough, getting enough sleep, doing their homework, eating their greens...  At Isak we cannot bear the idea that there are so many children in the world who have no parents to care for them and who cannot count on even the basics - food, shelter and security. We had to do something so, in conversation with our friends at Children on the Edge, we came up with a cunning plan which lets our customers look after their own children at the same time as giving these other vulnerable children their childhood back too. 

We value our relationships with all our friends and we see our shops as being a vital part of the Isak family. We hope you will like our new exclusive poster which we have designed to support Children on The Edge.  See below for details.

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