Surround yourself with beautiful happy things
ISAK, the brainchild of Swedish designer and illustrator Sandra Isaksson, is a brand of design gifts and co-ordinated home accessories that will certainly bring a smile to your face. The mix of Scandinavian clean lines and harmonious colour combinations, together with joyous splashes of inspiration drawn from Isaksson’s travels and heritage, forms playful designs that do not take life too seriously. With products by ISAK, you can surround yourself with beautiful happy things all day, every day.
As a 12-year-old girl, Isaksson already felt a desire to design things; she loved drawing and knew that she wanted to give her illustrations a shape and a function. After studying languages and travelling around the world, she finally pursued this dream by studying graphic design and illustration in Denmark. And after the birth of her sons, illustrating for children has been very close to her heart. While she takes on design commissions from all around the world, she is also the head designer and founder behind ISAK, a Scandinavian-British fusion brand, which sells products to lighten up the modern kitchen, lounge and kid’s room.
The look of her designs for ISAK pays homage to the 50s and 60s, as well as, of course, classic Scandinavian design traditions. “I think back to Sweden a lot for inspiration: my childhood, things that I miss. I indulge in the good memories. I’m also inspired by designs I saw growing up; I come back to Marimekko a lot, for example. I want to create everyday products that my children and I can use; it’s important that they are functional and look pretty at the same time,” says Isaksson.
“My design world is very Scandinavian: very clean with sharp lines,” she continues. “The images are two dimensional and naïve, going to back to the childhood again.”
ISAK products are mainly made in Europe, and it is very important for Isaksson to use the best materials available, recycle as much as possible and treat people well, creating an ethical brand. For example, for the packaging of their trays, ISAK take advantage of reusable tote bags, and the boxes for cups are also made to look very nice so that customers would not just throw them away. 
By Nia Kajastie