December 8

In no 8 lives a man who used to date Mrs Cat,
fancy that! He used to date Mrs Cat!

It was back when they were both young and nimble,
and life's sorrows still fit a thimble.

The romance lasten a whole summer long,
and ended to the first robin's song.

Oskar grew restless, wanted to travel,
Mrs Cat had no desire to antyhing unravel.

Oskar found himself another bird,
and when he got to about the third,

He send Mrs Cat a letter,
really didn't want to upset her...

28 years later, tired of adventure
suffering slightly of dementia...

Oskar bought a house that was red,
much prettier than that Thailand shed...

He thought he'd maybe miss the Thai scenery,
but soon realised that in his big house he could grow some greenery...

December 8