December 7

Who lives in house no 7? What's her story? 

It’s Mrs. Rosie Cheeks with her daughter
their home is full of joy and laughter
They have a tiny cat
who loves every mouse and rat
Rosie will give her daughter a butterfly dress
it’s so pretty it will make an impress
when her dad comes from the sea
and they will sit together and drink lots of tea.

By Johki

Young Miss Glitter was the best babysitter a kid could ever have.
She sang, she played, she listened well.
Everyone gave her raves.

Now that she’s a neighbor lady, a veteran, not a rookie.
She hosts tea parties and dress-up days,
And always has a cookie.

When kids and cats come round her door she greets them with a smile,
And when they feel unloved at home,
They’re safe with her awhile.

She coos and clucks and makes them proud,
There’s no one just like them.
And when they hear their mothers call they float home on a cloud.

By Next door Laura

there once was a lady named Signild,and a beautiful house she did build,with her
crazy green cat,all day she made hats,for her very shy little girl Audhild.
Now Signild was searching her hardest,for the right gift to fix sweet Audhilds
shyness,so the ISAK butterfly dress she gave,which made Audhilds behaviour magically
change,and now she proudly yells 'call me your Highness!"
By Emily Townsend