December 1

It is a great shame,
that in this street no one knows my name.
I can hear children playing in the snow,
here in side, I'm making gingerbread dough.

In the evenings I like to drink a glass of cherry.
You see, it makes me gay and merry!
That, in my old age I need,
so very much indeed.

The postman calls me old Mrs Cat.
Take it back! I shout, silly man in that stupid hat!
Now to be honest I am felling quite rotten,
when my own name I have completely forgotten...

December 1

This is how it works; every day we open up the doors to todays house. And you tell us what he or she is planning to give to her/ his partner or friend or relative ( from the Isak shop ) for Christmas and why. You can even throw in a little christmas rhyme if you like!

Send us an e-mail or post a comment here on the blog - or simply buy something in the shop, and you will take part in todays draw. A box of Isak goodies is leaving the house to find a new home every day until Christmas!