Free ISAK Cards for all

We all love what we do at ISAK. We create beautiful happy things, and it gives us immense satisfaction that other people enjoy our designs. ISAK has been sold in over 100 countries and it fascinates us that our little creations are being used the world over. We would love to see some images of any ISAK products out there in the real world. So please send in any images you have of any ISAK products. To show our gratitude we will send out a pack of ISAK cards to every person who sends in an image. These cards are not available for sale in our store and show 5 ISAK designs; Leaf, Landsby, Lovebird, 123 and Blossom & Bill.

We may use the image on our blog or gallery page as well. So please take a couple of snaps and mail them to with your name and address so we can send you some cards. We don't mind if you get creative, if they are in exotic locations or just sat on a window ledge, we want to see them all! Thanks.