Lidded cup packaging

From summer onwards our lidded cups will come packaged in re-usable gift boxes. We're just finishing off the designs right now and they will look something like this. Each design has a story; and here's one. ( Still a little bit under construction with room for improvement.)

"She felt the way you do wearing brand new clothes new in a brave colour. Like if the new brightly coloured clothes were wearing her. Walking down the street with daddy on such a special birthday was not an every day thing. It was like wearing a huge bright orange hat with feathers. And to have shooting stars coming out of it! The fairground was small, just the right size for a small town. It smelled of buttery pop corn and cotton candy. When they got there all the rides were closed because of a huge invasion of birds. All sorts of different kinds of birds were sitting on the wires, on the rides - everywhere! One even snatched a stick with cotton candy from a kid. When she was older; all she would remember from this day was the love in the air and the birds on the wires. Lovebirds".