Times wrote this aobut us


 Sandra Isaksson, a Swedish graphic designer based in West Sussex, produces ferociously funky printed wallpapers, trays and posters under the company name Isak. She says of her new Fika cup: “Fika means to sit down and have a cuppa, relax, eat some cookies. This is always done at 11 in the morning in Sweden. Then again at 3pm, then again after dinner.” This I’m inclined to believe, but her explanations can be, let us say, folkloric. Isaksson confides of one of her best­sellers, the birchwood-ply Blossom and Bill tray (38cm dia­meter, £25; isak.co.uk): “It is handmade in Sweden by trolls.” 

What?! They are all handmade by trolls!

  WALLPAPER Sandra Isaksson’s brand stands out for its quirky penguin and owl prints. A family of owls, perched on branches on a turquoise sky background, can be custom designed so that the branches extend around your child’s room (£30 per square metre; 01903 885380, isak.co.uk).