The coffee trail

Hello! First post on the coffee hunt. Five days in and we're been tempted slightly off track but who can blame us - we were just passing Belize and thought that while we're here... it would be a good idea to check out the atolls and the reefs. The Guatemalan coffee tasting has to wait just a few more days because today we're swimming with sharks and sea turtles.

We set out in Mexico to check out some cotton and sample some mole. The best mole, both a green one and a red one, we had was in Tulum, in the smallest and dirtiest street stall anyone has never seen. !Delicioso! Montezuma was kind that day, lucky for us! The drive down to Belize was interesting, the border crossing slightly intimidating. We stopped to climb some mayan runins and to say hello to the noisy howler monkeys then drove through a vast Amish settlement in the middle of nowhere.
We'll keep you posted, when electricity permits!