Monday, 1 February 2010

The Familjen Fabric!

Finally, finally, finally! The familjen fabric has gone to print! After plenty of annoying production problems we're now hoping for a smooth finish. The fabric will be acrylic coated and cut in to table cloth size before it reaches the shelves - but for all of you who have been waiting ( and what a long wait it has been!) we wanted to keep you updated.


Ulla V. said...

The long wait has definitely been worth the while. Your fabric is so fabulous and so unique.
And the prints are simply perfect along with the colors. :))

Kat said...

OMG - have been searching for the perfect oilcloth for our kitchen table. Hello Daddy! I can't wait - how long, how long?

Isak said...

So pleased you like it!!! We think it will be another month before it's coated and cut and delivered to the warehouse. But then girls! We can have gorgeous kitchen tables and the kids can spill spill spill and we'll just wipe clean!


mediane said...

je viens de poser la tapisserie dans la chambre de mon fils c'est ici:
et là:

je suis tres contente c'est magnifique!