Copyright Infringement

We had a very apologetic and sincere e-mail from Netta Marshall this morning. See below. Thanks Netta, We really appreciate it!

> Hey!
> So I'm sure you know me from the poster incident. I just wanted to send you a
> note and personally apologize for this from the bottom of my heart. I really
> wasn't trying to cause any harm, and I wanted to explain more in my note on
> Etsy, but at the time I was at work and just fully freaking out after reading
> that email.
> I am dearly sorry and I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me
> for this. As I stated it was removed, and no copies were sold. The file itself
> is deleted and long gone. I see that you've posted about this in your blog (I
> found it while searching my name), and I'm so ashamed.
> Is there anything I can do to have this post removed? I'd like to make amends.
> Best,
> Netta

Hello Netta,

Thank you for your email. We accept your apology and we forgive you! We are not removing the post however. Copying is a serious matter that can not be taken lightly. It's a criminal offence. My designs are protected by copyright and by copying it, selling it and writing about it as this is your original design is down right outrageous. I would like to keep the post and also post these e-mails on the blog to act as a deterrent for other copiers. I'm sorry to add to your shame but I think it's important to make a statement here.

I would like you to remove any imagery of mine that you may have on your computer.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Sandra Isaksson