Sunday, 15 February 2009

Traditional Trae Turning

At ISAK we like products made from wood or combining wood with other materials. We enjoy working with nature, whether by using its materials or just as inspiration for beauty and simplicity.

The series of grinders "Mahl-zeit", "Time to Grind", feature different types of wood so that you can differentiate between, nutmeg, pepper or salt.
Alexander Ortleib makes each piece by hand turning wood. Spinning tops or nutmeg crushers.
Located in Bernau in the heart of the Black Forest Alexander produces small runs of vases, stools, decorative pieces and bowls.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Danish Designer: Jakob Wagner

Jacob Wagner is a perfect expression of Scandinavian design, or the New Nordic as Muuto suggest. A new perspective. We don't see it as new. It is classic Scandinavian style. The products exist for a reason and are neither dispensable nor disposable.
The Flowjug could have been sculpted from the heart inside a classic Greek sculpture. It is anatomical, organic, even seductive.
The style is about making everyday objects delightful.

And perhaps just putting a twist or expression into the mundane.

But keeping it simple, clean and fresh.
So if you need to know the temperature of your wine, the depths to which you are diving (he designs a range of diving and firefighting equipment also!) or you just need something to put your coffee on while you catch up on the blogosphere, take a look at Jakob and feel the harmony.