Monday, 2 November 2009

The Last Batch

The Blossom & Bill Classic Red tray introduced the couple as ISAK's global design ambassadors. It has been a very popular and well featured product which epitomises the ISAK design ethic. Clean, fun, vibrant and bursting with life. Blossom & Bill continue on their journey of discovery but The Classic Red Tray is coming to an end. The final batch has been pressed, coated and finished by hand. Each tray made from 7 birchwood laminates from the sustainable forests of Sweden. Each tray part made by Trolls in the heart of the forest. The Trolls are now busy making the Blue Blossom & Bill tray that will continue to be available for a while. Each tray comes slipped into a 100% cotton tote so that you can carry it home or to the dinner party and use the bag to continue carrying your swag wherever you go.

But for now there will be no more red at the factory. Pick one up while you can...

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