Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Stay warm

Tucked away in the mid-Norwegian hinterland south-east of Trondheim is the quiet town of Roros. It is a small community. A place without pretention, renown or significance. A one-time mining community where copper from pulled out from beneath the old-fold mountains.

When a childless Director of the mine died in the 1700s, he bequeathed his wealth to the local community that had served him and the mine. He set up a foundation to supply free yarn to the community and teach them to weave.

Roros is now listed as a World Heritage Site with over 100 original dwellings preserved and maintained as they were in the mining days. Now the town has nothing to offer but tranquility, beauty and a sense of belonging. On the outskirts of the town there is still a textile plant run by father and daughter Erling and Arnstein Digernes. They still produce the finest lambswool blankets in the world with 100% pure Norwegian wool. Each blanket is inspected by hand and the wool is teased up with needles to give better thermal properties. The blanket will last you a lifetime.

This is where ISAK came to produce our Penguin blankets. Blankets that will keep you warm and carry your memories for the rest of your life.