Meet the Thorvaldsen’s

Ingalill is a music teacher, loves swimming and light beer and a bit of heavy metal after dark. Sings in the shower and when baking savory scones. Sailor Rum is the family’s black sheep. Would never harm anyone but has an eye for the ladies. Doens’t eat meat, only eats fish. Sardines being his favorite. Barbro flirts with men on the internet. Pretends to be younger than she is. Axel is a medical student from Hudiksvall. Is afraid of blood and would rather join the circus. Faints from his own nosebleed. Örjan Slightly naive, easily exitable. Extremely positive. Friends with everybody. Is thinking about buying a dog.
Gertrud dyes her hair on Thursdays, plays cards on Fridays and goes for a drive in her brown Vauxhall from 1976 on Sundays. Smells like lemoncakes and coff syrup.