Copenhagen is a Mecca for Design Tourists and a fantastic city to visit any time of the year. Tine at Girlie-Hurly has a lovely little boutique tucked away in Istedgade on the west side of the city. She has a panchent for anything 50s and anything pink! The retro feel of some of ISAK's range fits very well amongst the"lyserød lollypop, plastikpjank, fis og ballade."
Take trip into the past with some very contemporary design accessories.

Girlie Hurly
Istedgade 101
1650 København V

Opening Times:
Mon-thur 11.17.30, fri 11-18.30, sat 10-15.

Contact information:
Tlf: 33 24 22 41
fax: 33 24 22 51