Bind Weed

For those of you wondering what happened to the ISAK allotment; Imogen has been very busy with the boys from the estate. The ground has been cleared and leveled and dug, then dug again. I'll let you work out the BEFORE and AFTER shots.
We are very sorry to the host of field mice and slow-worms that we were forced to evacuate. We are now waiting expectantly having planted potatoes, sweetcorn, chard, carrots, beetroot, broccoli, peas, runner beans, onions, parsnips and variations there of. Unfortunately all that seems to be growing is bind-weed...everywhere.
The shed hasn't changed and is home to the displaced fieldmice.
The ISAK office rest area has been cleared, but is still not quite ready for the conference calls. We have to admit to being quite enthralled by nature and humbled, it's all rather exciting.