Blossom & Bill's Recommendations No.9

9. Car magazine: carl*s cars. This is a gem of a magazine more about people than cars. In the words of its editor Karl Eirik Haug; "carl*s cars should be like a good friend to you, the reader. Carl is honest, humble, entertaining, always has stories to share and is always ready to invite you on an exciting car journey. We find that there are a plenty of other magazines and media out there that are un-charming or boastful, so we want to appear differently." Sounds different from your usual monster-truck-lad-mag. Articles include, how to use toy cars for massage and why balloons are so important to car salesmen. There are also interviews with the creative and beautiful, and tips on where to take that once in a lifetime roadtrip.

Independent and produced in Oslo 4 times a year, it should be in all dentists waiting rooms.