Thursday, 11 December 2008

Make yourself happy

Everybody loves to sing. Everybody! Some, the brave or talented, do it openly for us all to enjoy. Others do it in secret, mostly in the car. We all have a tune in our heads, we all want to sing. Christmas time gives us a chance to indulge this joint passion.

Carol singing began in the Middle Ages and was performed by groups holding hands and dancing in a circle. It was done for the pure indulgence of enjoyment. Even though St Francis of Assissi (the animal saint) introduced it into formal church services, it was meant to be just the bishops who sang. They got all the fun! So the secular mob took it upon themselves to sing in the streets. The poor would perform door to door in return for a reward.

Oliver Cromwell banned carol singing in the 17th century, demanding that christmas be taken seriously. Hmmm.

So this year, let yourselves go, exploit your freedom to sing. Grab some friends, form a circle, dance and sing! You will feel much better and happier for it. You could even do it for a charity, such as Shelter or The Children's Society. Whatever excuse you find, just do it and be happy. Life is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Bloody hell! What a lot of text! Interesting - but are you some sort of intellectual or something? Only joking! Love your blog! It's fab how you weave your products into everyday life. Happy Christmas!

Fupan Lala

Anonymous said...

Well I love the information that ISAK and Blossom & Bill provide. I think it creates its' own pictures and colours. Bring on the text I say. I bloody love it, LOVE IT I SAY!!!

Boo Boo Langwe

Anonymous said...

Me to, I love it! Well done Isak!

Anna Bengstøm