Christmas Dinner Dining Table?

We all like a traditional Christmas Dinner with friends & family, a roaring log fire, merriment & laughter, served up on a grand, old, solid oak table.

However, I'm sure there are many of us who crave a slightly different approach to Christmas Dinner. Well here are our suggestions for alternative Christmas Dinner Tables. Sushi anyone?

The "Silent Whisper" will cut down on the clatter of Christmas, cheering everyone up with a little bit of peace. The high density core absorbs the impacts at the surface, keeps the sound in and releases it ever so quietly when no-one is listening.

Go industrial with Mathew Hilton's Cross Pedastool table or Styx coffee table for Classicon.

If you have to stay with some tradition then "Foxtrot" by Sarah Kay is constructed from interwoven solid oak and strikes a formidable pose for any get together.

Chairs stack, so why not tables? Thomas Heatherwick's Piggyback provides a lovely solution to those unexpected family members turning up on Christmas Day. When stacked they slide seamlessly into one.

A splash of colour is what we all need in the depths of a grey, anglo-winter and that is provided by a burst of Pallas sunshine. Pallas is a slender table to keep diners closer and encourage communication, also makes passing the gravy easier.

The N-7 is a provocative and edgy style monster, eat off it if you dare!

Babel is a table system that comprises stacks of birch disks. Christmas should involve some play.

If mediocre is not in your dictionary then Wendell Castle is for you. We would happily spend Christmas alone with one of these exquisite little beauties to dine off, but could you bring yourself to plop a plate ontop of it. No, we think it would be better to go hungry for a while...

Happy Christmas!