In Scandinavia the approaching festive season is marked by the introduction by all local breweries of the annual "Julebryg" or Christmas Brew. This is a darker beer only available during the winter and used as a very reasonable excuse to kick off festive festivities as early as possible. This was also a traditional feature of English christmas when we had local breweries! It is a feature of the British drinking landscape that should be re-introduced as there are many fine Christmas Ales produced to cater for the needy drinker this time of year. Try some of the following;

Vale - Good King Senseless
Hopback - Pickled Santa
Cotleigh - Red Nose Reinbeer
Anchor Steam - Christmas Ale (our favourite!)

Back in Scandinavia the tops are being popped off the festive tipples already and whole communities will turn out to welcome and toast the arrival of the beer.

We do urge you to drink reponsibly but also enjoy it! Chritsmas is a time to break up the long dark winter months that we understand so well in Scandinavia. So you must take time to try something that you enjoy. We feel there is little better than to share a drink and some good food with friends and family and to meet new people to make new friends. Reindeer hats optional!

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