A day in the office for Imogen now entails a few hours spent at the ISAK allotment overseeing our future nutritional requirements. As you can see from the piccies the area is completely overgrown and is a beautiful little dot on our planet that we intend to nourish, to nourish us.
On this, our first day, we uncovered a snakes nest and a nest of field mice. There is more responsibility with cultivating a piece of land than we thought. Now we will have to design snake and mice shelters into the planting area.

Today was a truly gorgeous English autumn day. The sun poured in from the south, never warm and cooling quickly, sparkling off the wetlands below. The golden oak leaves fluttered down lazily from overhead and in the distance a brace of swans beat the air and took flight. At the office we do feel a little blessed to be given such a tranquil spot and it is our job to cultivate and work it.

We are so pleased to have another project for the
ISAK team to use their energy on and reap the rewards. The allotment fits in very well with the ethos of ISAK. We endeavour to run a business that includes nature and beauty and function. These things are so important to living a fulfilling and happy life. A closeness to what we consume in every way, reminds us daily, just who we are.
Life barrages us with demands, questions and challenges and in the ISAK office it is no different. Now all of us must take our turn in sitting under the oak trees, digging into the earth and planting seeds to grow our food. How lucky we are. Now where's that spade? Imogen's got work to do!