Thursday, 16 October 2008

Workboard Wall Decorations

Introducing a new product by ISAK. The Workboard Wall Decorations have been designed to look superb on any wall, and also, encourage interactive learning of the alphabet and numbers.
Children can sit with the parent and practice their letters and numbers. The boards can be drawn on with soluble pens or crayons and wiped clean with soapy water before being put back on the wall. They can also be used as workboards for doing homework or drawing.

No need for a frame or mount, the boards can be placed on a lip shelf or hung by a nail.

The Abc and 123 Wall Decorations fulfill ISAK's desire to produce beautiful objects that have purpose and function. We are very happy with them and will add to the range next year.

Wall Decoration 50cm x 35cm. £40 each.


DEE BEALE said...

These are great! my children would love them.

craig d said...

I think this is a great idea and ISAK's designs are very fresh. Will look great on the nursery wall.