Fabulous Fabrics

ISAK has spent the last year developing a line of fabulous fabrics and we have used the designs to produce a range of kiddy and toddler clothes that will be available from January 2009. The fabric designs are; Penguin, Ichi-ni, Geisha, Tokyo and Kimono. The names betray the Far East cuts that the clothes are inspired by. They have been made for comfort, practicality and, of course, beauty!

The patterns will give rise to; Romper suits for babies and baby blankets, dresses for our little Geisha girls, track suits, Kimono dresses and bedding for all toddlers. The woolen blankets feature the Penguin design in Turquiose and Chocolate. We hope you love them as mush as we do.

Keep your eyes on the blog for updates as to when they will be available.