Blossom & Bill's Places to Visit No.1

BALTIC is the biggest gallery of its kind in the world

BALTIC is an international leader in the ambitious and distinctive presentation, commissioning, development and communication of contemporary visual art

BALTIC presents a changing programme of exhibitions across 4 diverse gallery spaces. BALTIC does not have a permanent collection.

BALTIC exists to enrich people’s lives with a programme that deepens their knowledge, understanding and love of contemporary visual art while increasing and broadening its impact.

BALTIC presents an increasingly ambitious, innovative and wide-ranging programme, which includes exhibitions by established ‘big name’ artists as well as smaller scale shows which offer opportunities to emerging artists.

BALTIC’s Artist Residency Programme forms an integral part of our activities and is an important element of BALTIC’s role as an originator of new works as well as providing unparalleled opportunities for artists to engage with the local community.

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ISAK: Beautiful Happy Things